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Cambridgeshire County Chess Association
The next Cambridgeshire Rapidplay will be on Sunday 28 September at Whittlesford. An entry form can be downloaded from this link - Entry form (Word Format) or Entry Form (PDF Format).
Kevin Clark the victorious Captain takes up the story -

'A sensational climax to this season's EACU Counties' Championship, decided by the last game to finish in the Suffolk v Norfolk match. The victors would clinch the league, but the draw meant a 3-way tie including Cambs, each having scored 8 match points over the season. In accordance with the league rules, the tie is first resolved by adding the game points between just the tying teams, i.e. excluding Beds. These are:
Cambs 32.5/64, Suffolk 32/64, Norfolk 31.5/64. The big margins by which we beat Norfolk & Suffolk in November, seemingly insignificant at the time, proved crucial.
So we are CHAMPIONS. Please enjoy the moment! This is the first time that Cambridgeshire have won.'

Congratulations to Kevin and all his players.