1.The Association shall be called the Cambridgeshire County Chess Association, hereafter referred to as "the Association".
2.The Association was formed in 2007 through the merger of the Huntingdon & Peterborough Chess Association (founded 1960) and the former Cambridgeshire Chess Association (which served Cambridge and South & East Cambridgeshire).
3.The object of the Association is to promote, organise and encourage chess in Cambridgeshire.
4.The Association shall be affiliated to the East Anglian Chess Union and the English Chess Federation.
5.The Association shall consist of affiliated clubs, hereafter referred to as "member clubs".
6.Membership shall be open to any chess club based in Cambridgeshire or an immediately adjoining County, and which is admitted to membership at a General Meeting or Executive Committee meeting.
General Meetings
7.The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association shall be held annually in June.
8.An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association shall be called at the request of three member clubs.
9.At least seven days notice shall be given of any meeting of the Association, specifying the business to be transacted and the place, date and time of the meeting.
10.The Chairman of the Association shall chair the meeting. In his absence the Vice-Chairman shall deputise, or if he too is absent the members shall elect another officer to chair the meeting.
11.Meetings shall be open to those wishing to attend. The quorum for a meeting shall be representatives from at least three member clubs.
12.All resolutions shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote. No person shall have more than one vote and proxies shall not be allowed. If the number of votes cast for and against is equal the Chairman of the meeting shall have an additional casting vote.
13.Voting rights at General Meetings shall be as follows. Each affiliated club shall have one vote, plus an additional vote for every team entered in the League up to a maximum of three teams (i.e. four votes in all). Votes are to be cast by club members attending the General Meeting. Clubs in arrears with their fees to the Association will lose their voting rights.
14.The Constitution and League Rules of the Association may only be amended at a General Meeting. Any such proposal shall be notified to the Secretary 14 days before the meeting and the proposal shall be specified in the notice of the meeting.
15.The AGM shall elect the following officers: Chairman; Vice-Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer; League Secretary; Match Captains for the County teams; Controllers for the County Championship and other tournaments organised by the Association; Junior Officer; Grading Officer; Website Co-ordinator; Auditor and such other officers as may from time to time be required. Where a vacancy arises between AGMs the Chairman shall appoint a replacement.
16.The AGM shall also appoint from among the elected officers an ECF delegate and delegates to the EACU.
Executive Committee
17.The Executive Committee shall comprise the elected officers plus one representative from each member club. Members of the Committee shall have one vote per person.
18.The Executive Committee shall meet annually in September and may meet at other times if five officers so request. Rules 9 - 12 above shall also apply to Executive Committee meetings.
19.The Executive Committee at its September meeting shall determine the composition of the League for the forthcoming season; shall finalise the arrangements for the County Championship and other events to be organised by the Association; shall set the fees for participation by clubs informed by a report from the Treasurer setting out the likely expenditure of the Association; shall appoint a Disputes Sub-Committee; and shall conduct such other appropriate business as may be determined by the Chairman.
20.A Disputes Sub-Committee, comprising the Chairman and two other members of the Executive Committee, shall adjudicate on any appeal against a decision made by an Officer of the Association. Any individual or club may appeal to the Sub-Committee by giving notice to the Sub-Committee Chairman within 14 days of the decision. If any of the members of the Sub-Committee or their clubs are involved in any dispute the Sub-Committee Chairman shall co-opt substitutes who are disinterested parties. Decisions of the Sub-Committee shall be final.
21.The Association's financial year shall run from 1 June to 31 May.
22.The Treasurer shall keep proper financial records for the Association and shall present the audited accounts to each AGM.
23.At the September Executive Committee meeting the Treasurer shall present an estimate of likely expenditure for the forthcoming season, and the Committee shall decide how that is to be covered. This will include the setting of affiliation fees, League fees and charges for entry to other competitions and events run by the Association. Each County Captain shall be responsible for collecting a board fee from team members to cover the cost of the County teams.
24.The Treasurer shall invoice each member club for affiliation and League fees by 15 October each year. Any payment not received by 30 November shall be deemed to be late and subject to a surcharge of 10%.
25.The Association shall present trophies to the winners of competitions that it organises and shall meet the cost of engraving those trophies. The trophies are for annual presentation, so will be held by the winners for a year and then returned for presentation to the following seasonís winners. Any individual or member club that loses a trophy shall be responsible for the cost of its replacement.
26.The Association currently presents the following trophies:
A League Championship trophy to the winners of the first division
A trophy to the winners of the second division of the League
A Team 550 trophy to the winners of a grade-limited tournament
A County Championship trophy
The Fenland Cup to the winners of a knockout tournament between member clubs
A Jamboree trophy to the winners of an end-of-season team tournament
The Jack Taylor trophy to the highest-placed Cambridgeshire competitor in the Open section of the Cambridgeshire Rapidplay
27.The Association may award additional trophies or change the purpose of existing trophies at a General Meeting or an Executive Committee meeting.
Cambridgeshire County Chess Association
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